Grief: The Friend that Sticks Closer Than a Brother… and What I’ve Learned from My Constant Companion

February has become a humdinger of a month for me. In February 2018, I’d had the flu for a month with no sign of full healing in sight. On February 9, I celebrated the birthday of my big brother, Trey (Robert to many of you) from my bed. Oh, to hear, “SiiiiiiiiIIIIIS!” from him again……

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#Wise #RethinkChurch

I LOVE the Golden Girls. Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose are like my long lost friends from another lifetime. Almost like a ritual, I check in with them each evening as I wind down from the day. I know every word to the series’ iconic theme song, Thank You for Being a Friend!” I can…

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Vision for a New Season

I’ve been thinking a lot about #vision lately. The beginning of a new year is an invitation to take a look around and wonder what is ahead. Vision Board parties, new resolutions, invitations to simplicity, wanderlust, and so much more compel us to ask the natural question: what lies ahead? 

We kicked off a new worship series at Atlanta First UMC today in which we encountered the Lord saying that there is indeed vision for such a time as this. Don’t be distracted. As the prophets Joel and Habakkuk remind us, God’s vision is not dependent on our mood or even our capacity to bring it to fruition. Rather, God’s vision is only dependent on God’s willingness to reveal it to us. Sometimes vision may feel fleeting; yet, if we will just #WaitForIt, then we shall see the vision to which God is leading us. 

Vision encounters us in such a powerful way that it is simply irresistible. What is God’s irresistible vision for you in this season? After all, it is time. God is pouring out God’s spirit on us. God is writing the vision and making it plain. This is the appointed time. Run and do not quit. It’s not yours to quit. It’s only yours to receive.

P.S. If you’d like to view today’s sermon, view it here: Atlanta First on YouTube.

Steadfast, Rejected and Need #ReThinkChurch

I’m sitting in the sanctuary of a church of my youth. I remember sitting in the same sanctuary, in the same pew with red cushions, year after year, staring at the choirs, preachers, speakers. I remember listening to worship rehearsals, being reminded to complete my homework, and wishing we could just go home. Holy Week…

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Celebrate #ReThinkChurch

   Today, I’m #celebrating the goodness of God in allowing me to experience and be a part of the powerful, redeeming, renewing, restoring and forming ministry that is happening all over the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. What a privilege, honor and gift it is to see, serve and grow with God’s…

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Covenant, Shelter and Joy #ReThinkChurch

This week, I received a special gift. In the midst of crazy weather, marathon meetings and looming deadlines, some of my friends showed up from around the country and made time to share a meal together. Every one of them is a unique personality. Each of our relationships are different. When we came together, it…

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Vision #ReThinkChurch

I was in Mrs. McAdams’ second grade class when it started. Every week, I seemed to have a harder time seeing what she was writing on the chalkboard. Mrs. McAdams noticed that I was squinting to see and she moved my desk closer and closer to the front of the room. Finally, Mrs. McAdams told…

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Love, Live and Celebrate #ReThinkChurch

Every now and then during the Lenten season, we fail. We fall off the bus. We forget. We do not follow through on the promises we made to God and ourselves to reflect, sacrifice, and fully participate in the Lenten disciplines that we have taken on. Last week, the “we” became “me.” I allowed myself…

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