Look #rethinkchurch


I usually drive myself to the airport. I have a routine. I have a place that I love to park and it’s a great day when my favorite park and ride shuttle driver picks me up for my last leg to the airport. Yet recently, out of the blue, I decided to change my routine and take Uber to the airport. Well, thank God for a change in the routine!

My Uber driver’s name was Wesley. He’s a recent transplant to Atlanta from South Carolina. Like a lot of young Atlanta transplants, Uber is his side gig to help him make some extra cash. When Wesley arrived, I jumped into the car – hurried, frazzled and distracted. I planned to make some phone calls and catch up on the endless stream of email but Wesley asked me a question that made me look up and pay attention.

“You ok, ma’am?” 

“Yes, it’s just been a crazy day already.” 

“Oh, I understand that. But maybe you shouldn’t worry so much. You look like a really nice person and maybe even someone who goes to church.” 

“(Laughing out loud) oh yes, I go to church.” 

“Well then, have a little faith. The day will get better.” 

“Thank you for reminding me, Wesley. That’s usually my job (with a smirk on my face).”

He said, “Really? What do you do?”

“I work for the United Methodist Church.”

“OH GREAT!!! So, like are you a pastor or something?”

“Something like that.”

“Well, Rev., you are a reverend right? (Yes) You think you could help me out with something?”

“Sure. What’s going on?”

“Can you… Will you… You think you could help me find a church? I mean, I’m new here. And my grandma always said that if I found a church, I’d find a family.”

Wow! Ouch! I Ubered so that I could cram more “work” into my day and avoid the stress of the traffic. And what I got was so much more! Wesley reminded me to #look around and pay attention. To let go of the busyness and get back to the business of being present with the people of God. 

Slow down! Change up your routine! #Look around! Pay attention! Otherwise, you might just miss the movement of God in your life. 

Dear Lord, thank you for Wesley, and thank you for reminding me to #look beyond my routine so that I can join in the work that you are doing.